Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Car Dilemma

One of the topics we discussed with some friends over the weekend was about cars. It's really very frustrating to almost lose a very important asset. The flood caused damages both outside and inside our pockets. After a few weeks we were given sunshine. The car got fixed. One of the things that I'm very interested in lately, is learning the car's engine. For every mechanic that I talk to, I always ask questions. That flood event made me think so much. What car part got damaged, what's needed to be changed.

One of the parts that's very important is the Turbocharger. Something like a Volkswagen turbo should be well taken cared of. Other than that, one of the things I learned about cars was air induction is a major component for this. The super charger and turbo charger has evolved into a truly high tech component. Changing these parts with high quality replacements has never been more important. Go to to find the turbocharger for your ride.
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