Tuesday, September 8, 2009

RSM Calamba Laguna

To be honest, I really don't know what RSM stands for. The sign said: RSM Lutong Bahay. Anyway, we came from a very long road trip that day. We were all craving for some home-cooked Filipino dishes. My dad would always eat at RSM everytime he goes to Calamba. It sure is a nice restaurant. A bit pricey though for a lutong-bahay resto.

The restaurant's ambiance is very cozy. I'll take it as a good reason why we paid a little extra. I wouldn't mind paying for comfort and fine dining. Especially after taking a long drive.
Lots of food and other delights to choose from
Sinigang na Hipon
Kinilaw na Tanigue 280 Php
Price Ranges from 200-500Php

Servings: 3-4
Happy eaters!


Little Lady Cakes said...


Clarissa said...

Sa amin din,we don't care kahit na pumila pa kami ng ilang minuto or kahit pa abutin ng ilang oras just to eat our favorite ramen or going into Izakaya and paying for extras kung worth naman ang food and services nila,why not di bah?
I love that kind of restaurants like of RSM.^_^

cagayan de oro said...

Wow.. yummy it is! The Sinigang jud gave me the thought of making it my dinner tonight. Hope you'll visit
Cagayan de Oro! ^_^

Kirstz @ restaurants in Laguna Philippines said...

Wow it is very impressive restaurant and like what you've said the ambiance is very cozy. I missed to eat that kind of food one thing I can do that is to visit that place. The food looks very delicious I am craving for it. Thanks for sharing your moment to us.