Friday, September 18, 2009

Red Ribbon's White Forest Cake

It has been a regular for the family to buy Red Ribbon cakes. The thing I love about their cakes are the distinct flavors they give.
Red Ribbon Has Always Been Part Of Our Family...
Something WHITE was officially launched today. I am very proud to become part of this event. White chocolate, white chiffon, and long- stem maraschino cherries. Combined that will surely give delight on your first bite. The luscious taste from every slice and the inviting look of the cake itself.
Introducing, Red Ribbon's New White Forest Cake!!!
Regular (P560), Junior (P335)
Visit any Red Ribbon Branch or call 8-77-77 and have it delivered!

This new yummy goodness was greatly influenced by Red Ribbon's Black Forest cake. Black Forest has been one of Red Ribbon's signature cake. It captures our hearts all the time. With this, Red Ribbon launched the very first White Forest cake in the Philippines.
It is made with creamy white chocolate and light, moist chiffon cake layered with real cherry bits and a fusion of white chocolate flakes.
I love it! The chiffon was very soft, not too sweet that you will appreciate the twist of the cherry filling. The long- stemmed Maraschino cherries on top makes it more inviting. I just can't wait to have more of this new sensation.

Aside from this White mouth watering news, Red Ribbon has a new set of pastries and dishes to enjoy.
My son fell in love with their Ube Mamon first time he tried it.
Spaghetti with Meatballs
This is the best Spaghetti with Meatballs I have ever tasted. It's so gourmet. The meatballs were made out of 100% beef. Everything looks fresh and natural with this dish.
For a hearty morning, this is perfect. Grilled Ensaimada, scrambled eggs, served with the new Farmer's Ham made of tender lean meat with maple syrup.
Garlic and Chicken Mushroom
My favorite. There's just something about the flavor that I can't explain and distinguish. So good, it makes me want to eat some more.

Thank God for Red Ribbon! It's the ideal dining place for the family. Not to forget, the love and treasure they give for every occasion we celebrate, for every moment we spend with our families.


Anya said...

next time na may Red Ribbon event, sama mo naman ako *pleading*

looks yummy. I like! I like!

Isis @ Pinaybackpacker said...

I second the motion! (turo sa taas)

I love Red Ribbon. I'm gonna get my mom the White forest cake it's her 60th bday on Sat. :D

Enchie said...

Hi guys! naku try na talaga. I want some more nga e...