Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Healthy Option

Starting this coming Monday, my husband and I agreed on changing our family's diet. We noticed that we're both gaining too much weight. Staying healthy is a big contributor for our son's/ children's future. Aside from that, we want to grow old and healthy together.
Organic food is great. But I noticed that it is a bit more expensive. Eating Red Rice is a good way to start. But if it will go over your budget... Fish and vegetables are going to be our #1 priority on the food list.
I don't mind giving extra effort researching on new dishes that will make our meal heavenly. It's a good thing that my son loves fish. He would choose fish over any pork or beef dishes. Part of that, other seafood from squids, mussles and the likes will also be part of it once in awhile.
Supplements are just secondary. Nothing will beat the nutrition we get from green leafy vegetables and white meat. Not to forget, fresh fruits. Especially those high in Vitamin C.
Of course we will still be needing some red meat. I plan to use red meat in sauteing veggies, making meatballs for our spaghetti or soup. I boil the ground meat (even if lean) first until cooked to get rid of the excess fat.
Healthy living comes with great discipline.
If you don't have the will power to beat have it, here are some tips to follow: -source-
Keep portion sizes small.
Choose a healthier side dish.
Go for the greens
Opt for grilled items
Watch what you drink

Have it your way. Don't settle for what comes with your sandwich or meal. Ask for healthier options and substitutions. For example, ask for reduced-fat mayonnaise or mustard on your sandwich. Or at a fast-food Mexican restaurant, request salsa with your meal instead of shredded cheese and nacho cheese sauce. Try to avoid special dressings, tartar sauce, sour cream and other high-calorie condiments.

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