Monday, August 24, 2009

From Old To The Latest

We got married 2004. Back then DVD videos are still expensive to be part of a wedding package. So my husband and I decided to use the usual VHS tape video package and opted to have it trasferred to DVD later on. We used our full wedding video as additional giveaways to our Sponsors and loved ones. Especially to those who gave their warm wishes all the way from the U.S. I did the whole cover for the DVD. I really wished that I was more exposed to computer programs and hoped for a better, and a more presentable cover for both the DVD and the case.

Our DVD reached the U.S where some of our relatives are staying. And they mentioned that they know a place that specializes on DVD Mastering in Boston. There's a fast track of CDs being replaced by DVDs, DVD Mastering Boston duplicates are clearer version. It can be your old audio or video. CD Mastering Boston offers the highest and the most fulfilling products.

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