Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Picnic At The Park

Last Sunday, my family went on a picnic at the La Mesa Ecopark with some friends. We really planned to stay and enjoy the park this time. We started our day having brunch with some homemade Mojos, Mango Squares, Fresh Fruits, Cola and some Veggie Chips. After, we had a relaxing chat--- catching up with whats old and new.

We went around the park to take some pictures. The stroll made us very hungry. My friend treated us to lunch. The La Mesa Ecopark has a small restaurant that take orders. From Kebabs, Grilled Liempo, Porkchops, Fish, and more. Each order comes with a cup of rice, some tomatoes and sliced red eggs, served in banana leaf. We had fresh, cold Buko juice to go with it.

This was my Pork Kebab (60Php) all removed from the skewer.
The meat was tender and juicy. It was perfect!
Since the park was filled with families, we had no choice but to rent a table and some chairs. It would have been fun if we ate in a small hut. Anyway, we found a good location for our table, near a waterhole where you can see some fishes and covered with trees.
La Mesa Ecopark is an enchanting place indeed. You'll never notice time. When you're there, all you'll ever think about is relaxation, family, friends and good food!
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