Friday, July 3, 2009

From My Kitchen and Beyond

With this site growing, and continuing to get more traffic, I found that one thing missing is registering it to a free web directory. We all know what a free web directory does. It increases your site's traffic. And when a site's traffic is up, it means there will be more readers and visitors. One purpose of having a site is to share facts, ideas, stories from all points in life.

Sometimes, people use it for bussiness. If so, there is a business web directory which was also made available like Business. com to cater to your site's traffic.

A web directory lists web sites by category and subcategory. The categorization is usually based on the whole web site rather than a set of keywords. Web directories often allow site owners to directly submit their site for inclusion.

I registered my first site (Sweet Nothings) in web directory a few months ago. It was for free. Meaning, free submission – there is no charge for the review and listing of the site.

Categorizing sites, such as joining a certain free web directory will help the online searchers find the topic they are looking for. I couldn't agree more. It does make it a lot easier. And the site will get a lot of benefits from it. With one click, you'll have all the comments and messages you'll ever need. Some will say that they found your site through a web directory because they're looking for "this certain topic". With my food blog, they might be looking for some restaurant review, which I usually make.

One of the well-known web directory is Yahoo directory. We all know how big Yahoo is. So also consider it a reliable source.

Hopefully over the weekend, I will finally be able to register this food blog. More people will soon discover this site and I will have all the fun as an ordinary blogger wanting to share some thoughts on food and my yummy adventure.

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