Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Azadi Persian Kebab

It's been a long time since we ate in a restaurant. Last night my husband and I were both in the mood for something new. We went around Quezon City just to hunt for a new place to dine-in. As we approached the area of West Avenue, my husband remembered this Persian restaurant he visited with his boss.
Located on the right, coming from Edsa. On West Ave, go straight. The restaurant is just a couple of meters away from the first traffic light you'll see.
A cozy, Persian-inspired dining place awaits you...
Lamb Chops 150Php
Every dish goes well with their signature drink Yougurt Shake Tourshi 30Php
This drink gives balance to the mix of Persian dishes.
Beef Shawarma with Rice
We didn't order every must-try on their menu. One serving is already good for 2 people. One of the dishes I'm looking forward to try on our next visit is the Ox Brain. My husband already tried it previously. He said it was really good and authentic.
Reminder: Watch out for cholesterol!
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