Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stick It!

Have a fun afternoon ready for kids coming from a hard day of studying. Greet them with corn dogs and their favorite juice.

What you need:

1 box 500g instant pancake mix (coats 10 to 12 hotdogs

1/2 cup corn meal

1/2 cup cornstarch

3 hotdogs

3 cheese sticks

3 ham wrapped-cheese sticks

3 bacon-wrapped hotdogs

For this recipe, use kiddie favorites like hotdogs and cheese sticks. But we keep in mind the grownups too---for you, there's bacon-wrapped hotdog and ham-wrapped cheese sticks.

How to:

Prepare hotdogs and other fillings by skewering with barbecue sticks.

Prepare hotcake mix according to package directions.

Add corn meal and cornstarch.

Dip a hotdog stick in batter and deep-dry until batter starts to form.

Take out of the oil and dip one more time in the coating mix.

Deep- fry once more.

Remove as soon as batter holds shape.

-Yummy Magazine-

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