Monday, June 15, 2009

Nutrition and Learning

This part II of my Easy Guide To Kid's Snack entry. Now that I have shared some food healthy for our kids this schoolyear. I would like to share some guidelines on how to achieve this goal. We all know how hard it is for our children to love homecooked and prepared meals, when street food and junk are everywhere around them right?

I am very thankful that my son's school gave some tips for this matter.

What children eat can have implications on their physical and mental growth, as well as their future health. try saying to your child " You are what you eat". This is true for children. Many times they don't feel well or act right because they are not eating proper foods.

Follow these guidelines to help your child eat right and feel and act his/her best:

1. encourage your child to eat a variety of foods from the four food groups like fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese and milk products, breads and cereals. Meat. fish, poultry, eggs and beans.


2. Never force your child to eat, but encourage to try all all food.

3. Offer your child nutritional snacks.

4. Avoid processed foods and serv food close to the natural state as possible.

5. Remember, all things should be in moderation. (watch salt and sugar)

6. Limit fried foodd and food high in cholesterol.

7. Make them drink plenty of water.

8. Don't reward children with sweets.

9. Involve children in the cooking and preparation of food, especially their snacks for school.

*If you eat and sit with your child enjoying a healthy meal, your child will be positive about it too.
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