Monday, June 22, 2009

Cream Puff!

When it comes to dessert, this is one of my favorites. I'm happy that Dulcinea is selling this yummy goodness in bite size.

It cost Php61 for every pack of 8. I remembered on my first Food 101 session way in college, I volunteered to bring some Cream Puffs and do a report about it. The next meeting, I came to class without a single puff on hand. The teacher got mad at me, and what a humiliating experience it was. It's a good thing that I love food! I didn't really cared about my teacher...

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Beng said...

gusto ko din yan parang leche flan ang loob..kaya ang figure leche na din..hehehehe... nagtinda ako dati nyan sa office...part time ba

Clarissa said...

My children loves cream puffs!!I have baked some cream puffs before during Wakaba's birthday.Medyo mahirap kasing gawin kaya minsan lang ako gumagawa nyan.I love it with custard,chocolate or caramel filling!

anya said...

ako din, i love cream puffs. kahit ung cream puffs lang ng mga local bakeries dito sa amin pinapatos ko eh, hehe.

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