Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am very happy for the feedbacks that I have been getting since this food blog was created. It is not as popular as the others. Popular in a way, that it gets less visitors compared to Sweet Nothings. Still, I am grateful for the continuous visits and drops from bloggers and food lovers all over the world.
It made me proud as a Filipino to share our famous dishes and culture. Things that makes us unique. Food that captures your taste and easy recipes that will make you an instant chef.
I also enjoy the sites I visit, returning drops. I discover new things all the time. I have to say, that blog hopping may sooner or later beat travelling per se :D (kidding aside)
May I also mention names and sites that truly inspire this food blog.

Willa's Food Trip Friday, Manong Ken's Carinderia, Liza's Mommy's Little Corner and Yummy As Can Be and all the other trippers from Food Trip Friday and everyone in my blogroll of foodies.

I love your sites, I enjoy reading and learning from your food experiences.

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