Monday, April 20, 2009

Sinigang Na Tanigue Sa Kamatis

Sinigang is a native  soup here in the Philippines. It has a sour taste that often gotten from Tamarind, Calamondin or Tomato. Sinigang is a process where we boil meat such as pork, fish or shrimp mixed with vegetables like Kangkong (water cabbage), eggplant, green chili, radish, then seasoned with salt to taste.
I cooked a different sinigang dish. I used "talbos ng kamote" (camote tops) to be on the healthy side. Added ginger and green chilli to make it more Filipino. Red tomatoes instead of Tamarind. Perfect as a healthy option.

Kamatis (Tomato)
Tanigue (king fish)


mommy jac said...

ang sarap nman nito...One of my favorite Philippine dish sinigang nakakagutom!!!

☆Willa☆ said...
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☆Willa☆ said...

super fav ko ang sinigang, as in kahit ano,hipon,baboy,baka,isda of anykind, and yes,talbos is the best din,pero dahil wala dito, spinach or kangkong kapag nakachamba sa asian store,pero yung freshness ang mahirap mahanap,lalo na pag seafoods,even my boys, especially Kendrick, kanin at sabaw lang ng sinigang solve na yun! :)
grabeh naman yang picture mo, parang damang-dama ko yung init ng sabaw,gusto ko ng higupin right from my computer screen lol!

Anonymous said...

i love the best beef sinigang especially yung fatty nya sarap kc sa sinigang beef for me