Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pinaksiw Na Bangus

Commonly known as Fish cooked in vinegar. This is another dish the old-fashioned Filipinos love. Old-fashioned if I may say, because I noticed that the modern day kids, doesn't really like the taste or feel of this food. With all the fast food and street food branching out, the healthy ones are being set aside.

It is a healthy dish. The main ingredients are: Vinegar, Ginger, Water, Garlic and Fish of your choice. It is best with Milk Fish (Bangus), I enjoy eating it for breakfast. I add some greens too. Like, Bitter Melon (Ampalaya) Chilli Leaves or Eggplant slices.

Perfect for the Lenten Season.


niko said...

aha!!! kagabi pa to kinukulit saken ni hubby.. am about to google how to do it buti na lng andito na.. thanks a lot ench!! print ko na eto.. mwahh

Nedekcir said...

Oy nakakagutom naman.

Vera said...

Ang sarap naman nyan :)

Enchie said...

Luto na! :D

☆Willa☆ said...

Balak ko ito lutuin tomorrow,tamang tama may nabili akong Milkfish.
Grabeh, picture pa lang,gutom na ako,
alam mo another thing i love about Paksiw, kahit ilang araw na sya abutin,masarap pa rin, hindi sya madaling mapanis unlike other kinds of ulam.