Friday, April 3, 2009

Food Trip Friday---Chicken in Mushroom Sauce

This is my first time to join a Food Meme. FickleMinded-Willa’s Photoblog is hosting a yummy Food Meme. All ya' foodies out there, come and join!

My entry for the first Food Trip is my own recipe of Chicken in Mushroom Sauce. I have been making mushroom sauces in different kinds and ways. This evening, I was in the mood for some oyster sauce.
Since it's going to be a Friday, I prepared something suitable for Lent. We Catholics, have this tradition of not eating Red Meat on all Fridays that the Lenten Season will cover. So I cooked chicken.
It's also that time of the week, when I'm almost out of stock of whatever I have in my pantry and crisper. So I got the available ingredients to make the recipe possible.
What You Will Be Needing:

1 Kilo Chicken Breast Fillet
Spanish Paprika
Salt and Pepper
5 cloves garlic (minced)
An inch thick of Ginger (minced)
4 tablespoons of Olive Oil
2 tablespoons of oyster sauce
3 tablespoons of water
Canned Mushroom (1)
Cream of Mushroom (1)
2 tablespoons green peas (more or less if desired)
Half Bunch of Wansoy leaves or Flat Parsley (chopped)

How To:

Rub Chicken Breasts with olive oil then season both sides with your desired amount of Nutmeg, Spanish paprika, Salt and Pepper

Pan fry the seasoned Chicken Breasts in olive oil until golden brown

Then set aside in a platter

Saute minced garlic and ginger

Add the sliced mushrooms and green peas. Keep stirring

Add the oyster sauce, then simmer for a few seconds

Add the cream of mushroom. Make sure it is on low fire

Add 2-3 tablespoons of water

Add salt and pepper if desired to improve taste

Pour sauce on fried Chicken Breasts

Top with Chopped Greens (Parsley or Wansoy Leaves)
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