Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Entrecard Deleted My Account

Hi guys! you might notice that my Ec is not working. Entrecard deleted it for some valid reasons. My bad, I got carried away. I forgot that my site must not contain any music or any pop-up window.
Just to make it clear, the pop-up came when I posted my Google page rank (the one in color). It indicated that once you put it on your site, a pop-up will show. I believe that the pop-up mislead them for something else, that added to the reasons why they deleted my account. For the record, My site is safe to visit. It doesn't even contain any widgets of all sorts. Just the basics, which you will also find in other sites.

You may have these: music or a pop-up. Better check twice, you might be next for elimination. They really mean it. Especially now, they're in the process of upgrading their system.

I applied again for a new Entrecard. Account for verification. By the way, I prefer Page Rank Checker 1
, its safer.


Mira said...

That's sad. You can always e-mail them to reconsider installing your widget back, goodluck. Btw, I added your link to my fave food blogs, you can check out my food blog at http://food-on-my-table.blogspot.com

shydub said...

Entrecard is mean, that is not nice. That is why yesterday when i drop on your drop box it said no such user. Hope you will get your entrecard widget box back enchie.

Evan's Mom said...

Oh that's why I couldn't find your card yesterday. I didn't know EC can be that fast in deleting an account. Anyway good luck with the new account applying mommy :)

Babette said...

You should be careful when installing widgets like that. I remember last year, some of my friends blog had X-rated pop-ups. It was from a widget they installed. :o(