Monday, March 2, 2009

Restaurant Thoughts---Thai At Silk

We just gotta have some Thai before the week ends and before it starts. We went around the streets of Makati famous for various cusines, but we found no Thai. Next best option was Serendra Fort Bonifacio. If you're on the look for special restaurants in the Philippines, High Street at The Fort is the place to be.

Thai At Silk offers the finest in Thai cuisine. From Rice mixed in special sauce. An option of ordering their sweet smelling Jasmine rice (which is bottomless). Sweet and Spicy are also one of their trademarks. The over-all ambience was spectacular. The lighting gave a cozy feeling. Fresh plant and flowers made it tropic, and who wouldn't forget the courteous servers and manager.

Thai at Silk, Serendra
G/F Serendra Piazza, 26th St., Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City, Metro Manila

Thai At Silk Dining

Gal Pad Grapow--- ground chicken with basil and fresh chilli. This dish is spicy, but I asked if they could make it a bit mild. So there, more choices to make your dining experience fun.

and I just love their Iced Tea! Php90

Moo KrathLem---Deep-fried pork spareribs in garlic oil and chips
Meal Php400
Their Jasmine Rice went best with these dishes.
Thai At Silk is a perfect place to chill out with friends and families. I would also recommend this restaurant if you have balik-bayan friends.


shydub said...

We have thai-Filipino restaurant here in our neighborhood,they served good food. from the name itself,you can choose filipino food or thaifood its expenssive though. How is it going with you and your family enchie, have a good day/night i guess there now.

pehpot said...

I will change your link now..

by the way you're on my top dropper last Feb. Thanks for taking the time dropping cards on my blog.. See you again next month.


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Cecile said...

I love thai foods, Enchie :-) thanks for sharing it, hope you have recipes for these, too

Enchie said...

Hi Moms! thanks for stopping by. I'll try to make my own Thai version.:) I hope it will end up as savoury as these.