Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring Rolls---Lumpiang Shanghai

It is one of my favorite party dish. Its easy and clean to eat. And you can match any dip or sauce with it. Yum!
Spring rolls are a specific type of fried pastries. It is very famous in several Asian countries including the Philippines. In Taiwan, they are open to 2 options how they like their rolls.
1. Fried
2. Non-Fried
Fried spring rolls are generally smaller and crispier. They can be sweet or savory; the latter are typically prepared with meat or vegetables. Non-fried spring rolls are typically bigger and more savory. In contrast, non-fried spring rolls typically fill the wrapping with pre-cooked ingredients. The most commonly eaten style of non-fried Taiwanese spring rolls is called runbing. -source-
Spring Roll Wrappers HERE
Little they know, here in the Philippines we also made these 2 versions available. Lumpiang Prito and Lumpiang Sariwa.
Same procedure and ingredients, different name.
This type of lumpia is filled with ground pork, minced onion, carrots and spices with the mixture held together by eggs. It may sometimes contain any vegetable of your choice that is easy to cook. Lumpiang shanghai is cooked deep-fried and best served with sweet and sour sauce.
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