Sunday, March 1, 2009

Restaurant Thoughts---Mediterranean Flavors Of The Sun

Cuisine: Italian, Greek, European. Flavors of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.
The Café Med's keen sense of taste and adventure offers a glimpse at the elusive Mediterranean mystique, and an escape to an exotic destination minus the travel, as well as a fresh tropical twist especially designed to capture the romance of the flavors of the sun. True to the essence of middle eastern cuisine, the secret, according to Mabanta, is not only in the sauces (Café Med's signature Garlic & Hot Sauce Duo), but in the passionate enjoyment of life, captured with every sensual bite, every glorious sip of wine, and the resultant conviviality of a table shared by good friends. With Café Med's business flourishing in the country's culinary capitals chances are, you will not want for that distinct flavor and service.- source-
This is the second week of our cuisine adventure. We were planning to go Thai. But It just so happen that we passed The Café Mediterranean in Robinson's Galleria, we decided to set aside our Thai cravings for next week. It was my first time to experience The Café Mediterranean . I didn't touch the Menu and let my husband order for me. Since I had no idea what their specialty was, it was indeed a thrilling one for me. Anything will do as long as it's not spicy.
We had Egyptian Fish Croquette and 2 orders of Grilled Beef Kebabs
The Egyptian Fish Dish truly carries the exotic flavors of Egyptian Cuisine. It was fresh, and savoury. The Garlic Sauce went well with it. For each rice dish you also have the option to choose between, Pita Bread, Buttered Rice and others to go with your chosen meat. The beef kebab was very juicy. The meat was of good quality. It tasted exactly like the usual savoury steak we're familiar with. This one was served into pieces. Talk about tender and juicy both at the same time. The beef kebab was served with a curry sauce that was fantastic!
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