Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Restaurant Thoughts @ Fish & Co.

Location: The Mall Of Asia---Ground Level, Entertainment Mall, South Wing
Specialty: Seafood
Budget: Php200-450

It's the day after Christmas, everyone's out spending their Christmas gifts, all are out having fun with their loved ones and enjoying meals. We literally went around the 3rd largest mall in the world, looking for a restaurant. But thank God for crowded restaurants, we were able to try Fish & Co. for the first time.I am very fond of making food reviews, may it be through my online journal or simply by word of mouth. Especially food outlets we tried for the first time. I have been seeing Fish and Co everywhere in the metro. At Greenbelt 3, The TriNoma Mall and at The Shangri-la Mall.

That night, we weren't into seafood. That's why it took us several rounds to finally try Fish & Co. And it didn't disappoint us. We ordered some small munchies that will fill up our tummies a bit. Except for my son's Chicken Mango Glaze. You know kids...they should be eating the right food at the right time. Fish & Co. has a menu consisting of seafood dishes prepared in the most delicious way you could ever imagine. Their dishes are indeed fresh to perfection. We thought that it will only fill our tummies a bit, but we went out with our bellies full. With the NY Fish & Chips alone...it is the best I've ever tasted. It's so juicy and creamy inside. There was no after taste.

Here are some of the dishes we tried:

Fried Calamari (if I'm not mistaken, you have the option of having it grilled) It also comes with the most tasteful mayo -garlic sauce.

Chicken Mango Glaze

New York Fish & Chips
Be blissfully stuffed with the generous portion that we present and enjoy the treat as all their dishes are delicious and prepared in a straight-forward and wholesome manner.
Uses natural ingredients like olive oil, herbs and specialty home-made spices. They also have a complete meal available, a Kid's Bait or a Kid's meal and bottomless drinks :)
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