Saturday, January 17, 2009


The name shawarma comes from the Turkish word çevirme. Meaning turning, and has its origins in Anatolia. It is quite similar to doner kebab in Turkey (for which it is another name - turning roast), though differing from it in the type of meat and spices used. The composition of the salad can be quite different as well.
The classic shawarma combination is pita bread, hummus, tomatoes & cucumber and of course the shawarma. -source-
I had some for my afternoon snack today. I am very particular with the taste, the right spice and the freshness of the meat used. I fell victim by some Shawarma sellers before. Where they served hard meat, if not, with spoiled vegetables. It is the essence of the whole delicacy, why ruin buy serving it the wrong way.
Eventually, I was able to find my regular Shawarma hot spots, and now I can enjoy a Shawarma moment anytime I want to...
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