Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fresh Strawberries In Cream

My husband brought home fresh Strawberries from Baguio City. I love mixing it with cream like any other fruit salad. Only, mine is sugarfree. I let the fruit's flavor play with the cream. Best served cold. You can add sugar, condensed milk, any sweetner, chocolate syrup and other fresh fruits like melon or mango bits. Any all purpose cream will do.
Here's one of the best way to do it:
Basic cream mix, topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream plus almonds. Serve super cold. How's that? yummy right?
We enjoyed these as one of our desserts during my husband's birthday celebration. It's a good thing he was able to purchase some. I was expecting that it's going to be expensive (since it's out of season). It's being sold at the local market for 100 bucks per kilo. It would be a lot cheaper if you buy straight from the farm. Anyway, its rare they sell this fresh in a local grocery here in Manila. So, thank God for out of town conventions! I was able to prepare some for a very special ocassion.
Have a great week everyone!
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