Friday, January 23, 2009

BananaCue and Turon

2 of the most popular Filipino afternoon snack.
Turon or fried caramelized banana. Banana wrapped in spring roll wrappers.
I had to research and look for the English term or words that would best describe and name the Banana used for Turon and BananaCue.
According to ManongKen, Saging na saba is known as Philippine's cooking bananas. It is a variety very abundant in every corner of the country.
What you will be needing:
Banana (preferrably SABA, thick banana)
Spring roll wrappers
Brown or white sugar
Jackfruit Preserve
Cooking Oil
How To:
Slice Banana into 2 lengthwise
Roll each slice on sugar of choice
Top each slice with some Jackfruit strips from the preserve
Wrap with Spring Roll Wrapper
Seal wrapper by putting water on the edge of the wrapper
Roll Wrapped Banana again on sugar until all covered
Fry until golden brown.
A Closer Look at these Yummy Goodness...
BananaCue was named after Barbecue because its exactly being sticked on a Barbecue stick. Only, its a banana.
What You will be needing:
Whole banana (preferrably SABA, thick banana)
Brown Sugar
Cooking Oil
Barbecue Sticks (bamboo skewers)
How To:
Cover whole banana with brown sugar.
Deep fry bananas
Pour more sugar and stir ocassionally until sugar is cameralized. Once it reaches its golden brown state, remove.
Stick two bananas for each bamboo skewer.
Enjoy! and have a Yummy weekend everyone!

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